What's Inside?

100% Organic cotton pads, tampons and liners

Experience the comfort of using period products created with you and the planet in mind! Our products are made of 100% organic cotton and are free from plastic, chemicals, bleach, dyes, and fragrances. Each box contains one month's supply of liners, pads, and/or tampons in a reusable muslin bag.

3-5 Surprise items

3 to 5 lifestyle and self-care products are included in the Moonstone box for some quality you time! We hope these items inspire you to practice a loving, healthy relationship with yourself to work towards a positive period. We are proud to shop with Women-owned small businesses, as well as POC owned and LGBTQ+ owned businesses.

Gourmet treats

Feel good about snacking during your period! We make sure to include delicious treats with anti-inflammatory ingredients to help ease cramps and flow. All of our boxes contain 2 to 3 full sized treats.

Organic teas

Tea has been used for centuries to heal the body from the inside out. Enjoy the long-term health benefits of drinking teas direct from Mother Nature!

Biodegradable flushable wipes

Use at home or on-the-go to stay fresh and clean! Each box contains 2 single-use wipes.

Ibuprofen pain reliever

Ibuprofen is the perfect short-term solution for intense cramps. Two ibuprofen packets are included in every box.

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    Experience the benefits of bringing positivity into every menstrual cycle!

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100% Organic Cotton and Plastic-free

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